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Situated in the southern most part of Croatia Dubrovnik is by far one of the most beautiful and history rich cities in whole of the Adriatic. This "Pearl of the Adriatic" joined UNESCOs list of World Heritage Sites in 1979. Dubrovnik’s allure and beauty is perhaps best proven by the fact that world’s most prominent artist, poets, writers, merchants, diplomats and even kings frequented the city since ancient times. Nowadays Dubrovnik's allure is as strong as it has ever been so many the world’s most well-known celebrities, personalities and even royalty  like Prince Edward, Caroline of Monaco, the Prince of Hanover, the King of Jordan, the Prince of Oman, Elisabeth Taylor, Roman Abramovich, Paul Getty, Bill Gates, Michael Douglas, Catharine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, and many more famed athletes and virtuoso musicians weren't able to resist it. George Bernard Shaw best described it after his visit in 1929 in his famous sentence: "If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik."
Our city is also the host of the world famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival two months of nonstop classical music, theatre, opera, art and dance events that happen all over Dubrovnik. The patron saint of the city is Sveti Vlaho (Saint Blaise), whose statues can be seen all around the Old City. He has an importance similar to that of St. Mark the Evangelist to Venice. One of the more famous churches in the Old City is named after Sveti Vlaho. The city boasts of many old buildings, such as the Arboretum Trsteno, the oldest arboretum in the world, dating back to before 1492. Also, one of the oldest European pharmacies is located in the Old City, built back in 1317 it is the third oldest European pharmacy and the only one that is still operational to this day. It is located in the public part of the monastery of Friars minor in the Old City.

Other prominent parts that deserve a particular mention are the city's main street in the old historical centre - Stradun, Cathedral, Rector's Palace, Custom's Office, the City Hall, and the 1940m long city walls . The Republic of Dubrovnik in the past was always a separate political and territorial entity proud of its culture, and its achievements in commerce. But one thing that always separated Dubrovnik from the rest of the world was the fierce believe in freedom best described with these words:  “Non bene pro toto libertas venditur auro” or “Freedom is not to be sold, not for all the gold of the world”, that were inscribed on one of the Dubrovnik’s impenetrable forts, Fort Lawrence.

If you are interested in more information on history and heritage of Dubrovnik please download this pdf file.


FestivalsDubrovnik Summer festival

Dubrovnik Summer Festival – world famous festival of art, theater and games that lasts for two months.  This year it is the 61. instance of the festival. It start on 10th of July and lasts until August 25th. In these 47 days there will be more than 70 theater, music and dance programs. READ MORE…

Festival Julian Rachlin & Friends -   In 2001, the first Festival of chamber music 'Julian Rachlin & Friends' was held. In the span of nine years , some of the most famous world musicians joined maestro Rachlin on a regular basis, such as cellist Mischa Maisky, pianist Itamar Golan, violinist Janine Jansen, hornist Radovan Vlatković as well as many others who book the beginning of September each year for their visit to Dubrovnik and participation in the Festival. Both the unique nature of this music event and the town in which it is held are best described by maestro Rachlin himself: 'I have never given any concerts such as those in the Rector's Palace and the Festival in Dubrovnik represents an extraordinary fusion of art, friendship and synergy rarely seen anywhere.' The festival starts on 1st of September and last for 12 days until 12th of September. READ MORE...

Libertas Film Festival – The 6th annual Libertas brings you World and European premieres, as well as helps you discover  new International and Croatian filmmakers, and in the process manages to ilustrate the rich history and heritage of the region and the city that host it. In the previous years Libertas attracted names such as Oscar winning actor Chris Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, producer Michael Ohoven the producer of 'Capote', Maria Joao Sigalho producer of 'Odette' from Portugal, and many others. The 6th annual Libertas Film Festival starts on July 2nd and last until 6th of July. READ MORE...

List of Museums & Galleries

Old City of Dubrovnik boasts many museum and galleries such us:

Visia Dubrovnik 5D Theatrum -That lets you Experience Dubrovnik & Croatia in 5 Dimensions!!

The Archaeological Museum
The Cultural Historical Museum
The Maritime Museum
The Marin Drzic House
The Modern History Museum
The Ethnographic Museum
The Friars minor history and pharmacy Museum and many more!!!



Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra




Dubrovnik StradunThe Old Town's main street is called STRADUN or PLACA. It is about 300 meter long. It runs from Pile gate to Ploce gates following the line of the channel that once divided the town into two parts. The limestone pavement, polished by use, shines like glass after rain.


Dubrovnik city wallsThe City Walls are one of the best and most preserved in whole of Europe. They protected the freedom of the Republic of Dubrovnik (Ragusa) for centuries. They encompass the whole Old City with their almost 2km (1940m) length and approximately 25 meters of height.


Dubrovnik Pile gateEntrance gate to the Old Town from the west. There is a stone bridge within two Gothic arches. That bridge ends at another bridge, wooden drawbridge which used to be pulled up every evening.




Dubrovnik Onofrio's FountainLocated at the open space right before Pile gate. It is a 16-sided drinking fountain built by Onofrio de la Cava (1438 - 1444). The Fountain is part of the town's water supply system which Onofrio managed to create by bringing the water from the well in Rijeka Dubrovacka.


Dubrovnik Small Onofrio's fountainBuilt in the shape of an octagonal basin with defaced sculptural panels, from which rises a 'baroque-Gothic' column recalling the fountains of Viterbo.



Fortress MINCETA

Dubrovnik MincetaThe biggest tower within the Old City, located at the north side of the City Walls, provides one of the finest views to the city, its streets and buildings. Some Summer Festival performances take place at the terraces of this magnificent historical monument.

Fortress BOKAR

Dubrovnik BokarIt is said to be the oldest casemented fortress in Europe and contains a small lapidary collection and numerous cannons.




Fortress REVELIN

Dubrovnik RevelinThe fortress was built to protect the City Harbor, Ploce Gate, and the City Bridge. Its enormous terrace also makes a fine natural stage for performances in summer.




Dubrovnik LovrijenacLocated at the west side of the Town outside the City Walls at a 36 meters high cliff. It dominates, both the sea and the land entrances to the Town from the west. According to old scripts it was built in only three months. Today its interior is one of the most dignified stages in Europe, a well-known place for Shakespeare's Hamlet performances.


Dubrovnik SponzaThroughout the times of the Dubrovnik Republic it had different purposes and was used as a custom house, a mint and main warehouse ( known at different times as the Pontik, Divona or Dogana). Sponza was one of the more important buildings in the city and remained in continuous public use until the end of the 19th Century. The ground floor houses exhibitions of artists and festival concerts and contains the original 16th C mechanism that controls the town bell and clock (called Zelenci - Maro and Baro).


Dubrovnik OrlandoThe statue of Paladin stands in the center square between Palace Sponza and St. Blaise church. It symbolizes the wish for freedom of the Dubrovnik Republic (Libertas). The state decrees were proclaimed from the statue. The forearm of Orlando was the standard measure of the Ragusan cubit, lakat, shown more accurately by a line in the base.


Dubrovnik St. Blaise churchAt the church's main altar there is the golden statue of St. Blaise (Sv.Vlaho) - patron of Dubrovnik holding a model of the Town from 16th C.





Dubrovnik Bell towerThe elegant Bell Tower, 35m tall, dating from 1444, was broken down and rebuilt in 1928. The modem clock, with bronze jacks in the form of soldiers that strike the hour (Maro and Baro) is a faithful copy, with the addition of a figured time indicator, of one dating from 1478 (original can be seen in Sponza palace). The huge bell in the tower, over 2000 kilos in weight, is the only original detail from the first bell tower


Dubrovnik Rector's palaceRectors Palace was the residence of the Dubrovnik's Republic The bust of Miho Pracat was the only monument to a citizen ever erected (or even allowed) by the Dubrovnik Republic. Pracat, a 16th  merchant adventurer from Lopud, bequeathed his riches to the Republic. There is also an extensive collection of Ragusan coins, seals, and measurements.


Dubrovnik Jesuit churchJezuite Street leads to the foot of the imposing staircase (that mounts to Sv. Ignacija, the baroque church of the Jesuits in imitation of the Gesu in Rome.



Dubrovnik Dominican monasteryThe Dominican Church was erected in 1315 but it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1667, to be rebuilt after that again. The Dominican Library was founded in the 13th century. Its collection expands over 16,000 volumes, 240 incunabula and important archives, among which are the oldest Latin translations of Avicenna's works and a tractate of St. Thomas Aquinas (14th century). It was one of the biggest European libraries in the period between the 15th and 17th century. Inside the monastery there is a museum with artifacts from Dubrovnik's goldsmiths, reliquaries and other sacral objects. It's painting collection contains many works of the old masters from the 14th to 20th century.


Dubrovnik SynagogueAn 15th century synagogue, is said to be the oldest in the Balkans, and the third oldest in Europe, and it functioned throughout the Second World War.


To read more about Dubrovnik's monuments and sights please follow this link.


Dubrovnik beach Banje

Three most popular public beaches in Dubrovnik are: Banje beach, Porporela beach and Copacabana beach.

Banje beach

Dubrovnik Banjeis the most famous pebble beach in Dubrovnik. In 2006 it was pronounced 3rd most beautiful beach in the world by the world press such as Marie Claire and similar.


Porporela beach

Dubrovnik Porporelais a special beach as it is the only one located right beneath the city walls. This is where most of the Dubrovnik's most colorful natives gather



Copacabana beach

Dubrovnik Copacabanais a beach located on Lapad peninsula, in a part of Dubrovnik called Babin Kuk. The beach has a direct view to a remarkable Dubrovnik bridge. It is an attractive pebble and concrete beach with many things to offer.

To read more about these and other beaches in Dubrovnik please follow this link.

Gastro Corner

Dubrovnik Gastro Corner

There is a wide range of restaurants in the Old City. Most of them offer pretty similar menus of Mediterranean (fish & meat) cuisine with some traditional Dubrovnik meals. The food is of good quality and very fresh. If you want a dozen of budget to mid-range restaurants in one place Prijeko is the street to find.
Worth of noting is Dubrovnik’s very own first pizzeria street. There are 3 or 4 pizzerias located in the same street with terraces next to each other, so you are never quite sure in which one you have seated. If you can, try to find a table that belongs to Pizzeria Mea Culpa, one of the city’s oldest and longstanding venues for a reason.

  • Budget

  • Mid-Range

  • Indulge

Lokanda Peskarija

Dubrovnik Restaurant Lokanda PeskarijaOffers Traditional Dalmatian fish appetizers and meals, you get your meal in a large black pot, in fisherman's style. link



Marco Polo

Dubrovnik Restaurant Marco PoloOffers good traditional Mediterranean food. Marco Polo’s terrace is located right bellow the window of Apartment Matana!!!




Dubrovnik Vegetarian restaurant NishtaThe first and only vegetarian restaurant in Dubrovnik, with vegan and gluten free options available upon request. link


Taj Mahal

Dubrovnik restaurant Taj MahalOffers a variety of Bosnian/Turkish cuisine. Widely known as the place that has the best Cevapi in Dubrovnik.




Dubravka 1836

Dubrovnik restaurant DubravkaAlso known as the restaurant with the best view in Dubrovnik. It is located at the very entrance to the Old Town.  Offers Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with s a variety of quality domestic and foreign wines, and refreshing cocktails. link


Arsenal Tavern

Dubrovnik restaurant Arsenalbeautifully decorated restaurant that offers a mix of traditional, Mediterranean, and Italian cuisine. It has a view on the Old City port and it is the only restaurant that other than a meal offers a whole evening entertainment program. link



Dubrovnik restauran ProtoRenowned for fish specialties prepared according to the old recipes of Dubrovnik fishermen. One of the best sea food restaurants in Dubrovnik, offers a rich selection of local wines.link





Dubrovnik restaurant NautikaOffers freshly caught seafood, risotto, scampi, lobster, shellfish, high-quality white fish and other dishes typical of the region along with traditional meat dishes, cheeses and some top-quality regional and imported wines. link



Dubrovnik Sushi Bar SATUis a new in June opened first exclusive sushi bar ever in Dubrovnik. Located on the tenth floor of the Dubrovnik Palace Hotel, the SATU sushi bar offers you the most beautiful view of the sunset. In a traditional sushi style food is prepared in front of you. link


Dubrovnik restaurant Gil'sNewly opened restaurant, offers modern French-Fusion cuisine and an extraordinary wine and digestive cellar. Very stylish restaurant that will provide you with a culinary experience like none before. link




Dubrovnik Clubbing

Dubrovnik enjoys a very vibrant and colorful nightlife. In the riddled streets of the Old City there are a number of bars and pubs that work till late in the night catering for your every music and drinking need. Other than that from time to time in the summer clubbing is organized on various open air location around the city.
And if you are in a mood to hit a real night club then these places are worthy of note:

EastWest beach bar/Night Club Banje

Dubrovnik EastWest beach bar BanjeThe most famous Club in Dubrovnik situated on the 3rd most beautiful beach in the world Banje. In the day you can have drinks in the lounge chairs, at night you can party in the nightclub. It has an amazing view on the Old City, various kinds of music, popular Djs and beautiful atmosphere. Free entrance until midnight. Host of a couple of MTV parties. All that makes it a must visit. link


Dubrovnik FuegoOne of the longest standing clubs in Dubrovnik. It has an interesting  interior, and a nice terrace. Works every night till 6am this is a place you will inevitably wound up in sooner or later in the night! link


Club Lazareti

Dubrovnik Lazareti Clubconsists of an interactive stage and is a combination of inner and outer spaces, considered as three floors: inner, terrace and the beach. The entrance to the beach floor gives one of the most enchanting views on the Old City historical port.
The Club nourishes real club culture, locally as well as regionally relevant It has hosted world famous DJ names like Tomcraft, Silicon Soul, Gideon Jackson, Petar Dundov, Toni Rios, Valentino Kanzyani and many more numerous times. In order to work and collaborate with the leading world’s production houses the Club is in state of constant renovation of its technical and performing capacities. link

Please Note




That 90% of the events, sights, restaurants and other amenities mentioned above are within a 600m radius from the Apartment Matana!!!